Friday, July 1, 2011

Final Winners of the Birthday Giveaway

Thank you all for celebrating with me this past month - it's been so much fun.  It truly is better to give than receive, and I have so enjoyed giving cool gifts like matches to Lisa Barranco, tape to Shawn Albritton, paper to Barbara Weikert, and cups to Jada Young.

So I'm sure you wondering what the final two gifts and who the two random winners are, right?
Karen Partin, I'll be sending some yummy chocolate your way.  What's a birthday without chocolate?? Chocolate from a designer shouldn't be should be beautiful painted tile chocolate, and.from New York of course!  Karen, enjoy!

Erin Albritton, a custom handwritten address stamp will be sent to you.  A beautiful return address is a wonderful gift to have - for sending out bday party invites, mailing bday cards to friends, and sending thank-you notes for all those gifts.  This stamp is special - it's from an artisan shop in my hometown. Enjoy, Erin!

{Karen and Erin, please contact us at with your contact information.  Thank you.}

Thanks again to everyone for participating in all the birthday giveaways.  I'm especially looking forward to future blog posts on your recent suggestions.

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