Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Birthday Giveaway #3

Happy birthday to my brother, Hesston! Let's have another giveaway!

What's better than having a birthday gift artfully wrapped with beautiful paper?  Perfect for a summer birthday, today's giveaway prize is a roll of Lilly Pulitzer wrapping paper.  You could also use this great paper to line drawers or cover books.

Now, pay attention to how to win today's gift:
You must "tag" Shelly Windham Interior Design in your Facebook status today.

For example, your status could read, "I really want to win the giveaway from Shelly Windham Interior Design."  or "I love reading posts from Shelly Windham Interior Design." or "Everyone should be a fan of Shelly Windham Interior Design."  Well, you get the point.

Obviously, you need to be a Facebook fan, which I hope you are already!  And you must actually "tag", which is done by typing the @ symbol, and well, hopefully you know the rest.  Good luck everyone!  A random winner will be selected after midnight tonight 6/15 and the winner's name will be announced tomorrow morning.  {Giveaway is available for our readers/fans in the U.S. and Canada only.}


Taasha Mathewson said...

I LOVE them both!! With about 15 million family birthdays coming up, I go through LOTS of wrapping paper. Might as well be cute paper :)

Shawn Albritton said...

I'm thinking my designer tape would look perfect wrapped around that beautiful paper! Thanks family of Shelly Windham Interior Design, Inc. for having lots of birthdays!

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