Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

I don't know about you, but I'm not real great at sticking to those New Year's resolutions.  I've actually come to not even like that "resolutions" term.  I prefer to hope, because I can place my hope in something much bigger than me.
So here are a few of my hopes for 2011:
I hope that I can find a project for Aquayo Tiles.  I'm in love with these gorgeous cement tiles, every single pattern and to find the right client for them this year!
I hope my office assistant returns to me!!  She packed her bags for Fort Knox to meet up with her hubby earlier this year when he returned from his Afghanistan deployment, but they're crossing their fingers that they'll be returning home in April.  I need her expertise and I really miss her company!
I hope that I will make it to the Fall Furniture Market this year.  I will definitely miss the Spring market, because I will likely be in a delivery room birthing my second child at the precise moment that spring market will be taking place.  Just hoping that baby #2 will be able to handle my departure for a few days in the Fall as well as its big brother has done in times past.  
I hope I will attend at least 1 of the 3 Renninger's Antique Extravaganzas in Mt. Dora this year.  There are January, February and November opportunities so I should be able to accomplish this.  
I hope to have a Habersham kitchen installation this year.  Fortunately Habersham changed its pricing structure earlier this year making their beautiful custom kitchen more affordable.  Their cabinetry is breathtaking!  Any one looking for a kitchen remodel?? 
I hope to have another productive and satisfying year with my existing clients, and look forward to working with new clients as well! As I reflect back on all the blessings of 2010, I am excited about the blessings to come in 2011.  Happy New Year everyone!

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