Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finds at Renninger's

Any of you wondering what I found in Mt. Dora last Friday?  Well, let me share a few of my finds....

{print for my son's room. sold to me at half the sticker price by a man from Rochester, NY}

{typeset letters for my friend Jada's printers drawer}

{Amish footstool, circa 1960...possibly for the baby's nursery}

{for my entry...or maybe bathroom}

{adorable pillowcase - love the buttons} 

We {mom, Laura, and Michele} had a great day at Renninger's.  The weather was beautiful!  There was so much to see...we made our decision to leave when we realized all the vendors were packing up for the day at oh, 4:30pm!  I don't think any of us realized how late it had gotten.  We did have a great brunch at the tea room, but were so busy with browsing & buying that we didn't make it back into town in time to devour a cupcake at the bakery.  But, there's always next month!  The next extravaganza weekend is February 18-20.

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