Tuesday, January 11, 2011

All In.

Auburn University.  Family.  All In.

I am so proud of my Auburn Tigers and their BCS National Championship Title!  Last night was a long but exciting night.  My husband {the superstitious sportsfan that he is} is still trying to figure out what exactly got us there....

  • the duck we devoured for dinner last night

  • along with the practically all orange dinner menu for the party....orange/white rotini pasta salad with carrots & orange bell pepper; buffalo chicken dip;orange & cranberry cheeseball;  fruit with orange fruit dip

  • the Auburn Christmas tree we decorated this year....and left up for the game
  • the "Hey Day" t-shirt {circa 1999} that he's worn every gameday this season
  • the Auburn bracelet assemble that I've worn every gameday this season {complete with orange pearls}
  • the fact that I forced my son {with some coersion from his Mimi too} to change into his orange & blue rather than the green t-shirt he was wearing just minutes prior to kickoff last night
  • or the fact that the Auburn Tigers are AUsome all on their own!  :)

    Whatever the case, we went "All In" as I'm sure Auburn fans across the country did.  It's what you do for the University that you love so much, and it's expected from your Auburn Family.

    Though the "All In" slogan made it big this season, it's an attitude that's always been taught at Auburn.  And not just regarding our football team.  I'm proud to say that I graduated from a superb interior design program at Auburn.  Our professors and peers encouraged a daily "All In" mentality.  It's not a self-focused mentally...the focus is to not only make yourself the best you can be, but all of those around you.   I loved being a member of a competitive 32 student program....each of those talented and creative ladies made me better.  And after spending countless hours, late hours, working hard and having fun, I consider them family....keeping up with most of them still {the cool jobs they've worked on, places they've been, sweet babies they've made, ....}. And I loved seeing each of their excited facebook posts & pictures last night during the game!

    Whatever you love, whatever you're proud of, I hope you go ALL IN.  Yes, I'm proud of Auburn University....and not just because of the football team.  War Eagle!


    The Hursts said...

    Love this, Shelly! (I feel the same about Florida :-)

    Brannan Lawson said...

    Wish we could of celebrate the win with true devoted fans, but my bed called me way before the end. But I am still very proud of our tigers!

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