Monday, December 6, 2010

It's Contest Time!

Tis the season everyone!  Not sure about you, but I am in full swing of preparing my home for Christmas.  And where must you start with decor to welcome Christmas spirit?  The front door, of course!

This week, SWID will have a Front Door Christmas Wreath Contest.  Simply post a picture of your own wreath/front entry to our Facebook page, and this Friday (12/10) evening we will select a winner.  Not sure what we're looking for - most beautiful, creative, crazy, festive,...but we'll know it when we see it!   So post those pictures!

"What will I win?", you ask?  We will ship the winner of our contest, this great book:

**Please submit your picture by 5pm on 12/10 on our Facebook page.  Remember to "like" our page in order to be a valid entry.  The winner will be contacted via Facebook.  Good luck!!

1 comment:

Katy said...

Oh it's on!!! Now I need to come up with something for my front door =)

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