Monday, April 16, 2012


Are you on Pinterest?  I took the plunge several months ago - it's such a useful tool to earmark ideas that I find on the web.  And since I'm a visual person, those nice thumbnail boards are right down my alley for sorting thoughts & ideas.  I came across this quote recently, and had to repin:

It's really true.  I've been designing for about a decade now.  When I started out, I was always so stressed - What's the architect going to think?  What does the contractor think?  The painter is probably going to kill me.  The electrical must talk about me.  I wonder what other designers think about my projects?  What does the client's neighbor think?
It's a shame that we put so much pressure on ourselves about what others think.  Finally, I'm at a point that I know I've been given the appropriate talents, and have the education and knowledge to make good decisions.  I provide my clients with good design choices.  Period.  Who cares if the electrician doesn't care for the cabinetry design or the carpenter doesn't like the paint color.  I don't. 

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Ginger said...

Love it!!! And you have 100% reason to be confident in yourself!!! ;)

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