Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let's Celebrate!

June is a big birthday month in our family - today is my husband's, later in the month we'll celebrate my brother's, sister-in-law's, aunt's, uncle's, grandmother's, and then end the month with mine.
Whew, it gets busy, but oh so fun!  See....
{me & my husband - my 30th birthday celebration last year}

Want to celebrate with me??
During the month of June, I'll be giving away several items that I wouldn't mind getting as a birthday gifts myself!  The giveaway rules will be simple, and will be posted each giveaway day.  Two things I suggest you do today:  "Follow" our blog, and "Like" our Facebook page. 
*This giveaway is limited to our followers & fans in the United States and Canada.

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