Friday, March 12, 2010

Design Services - How does it work?

Each project and client presents a unique experience, and can be approached many ways. Here are a few options for retaining interior design services through SWID:

By working together early in the design process, your architect, builder and interior designer can design the very best home for you. Consultation is available by the hour for space planning, surface selection, lighting and architectural elements.

When you are ready to design or redesign a room or your entire home, your designer can assist with a long term plan that will help you avoid the "random purchase" trap which leads to costly mistakes. When you shop through SWID for your furnishings, there is no charge for design time. You get the best of all worlds... great ideas along with great furniture and furnishings!

A one time charge for a designer to come to your home is the first step in developing a most important relationship... the one between you and your designer. At this first meeting, you can discuss your dreams for your home and your designer will listen. Any fresh ideas your designer gives you are yours to keep! Scope, budget and priorities for your home will be part of the conversation and you’re off and running toward your new space.

After the house call, your designer will prepare a scheme and plan of action for your home and present it to you for additional ideas and approval. You may continue the design process by retaining your designer through a letter of agreement. Your retainer will be applied to your purchases.

When you and your designer have made the final selections, a proposal will be presented to you for approval and signature. A one-half deposit is required at this time.

Your designer will schedule and supervise all installations and deliveries. The balance will be due as your furnishings are received and inspected by our warehouse staff. When all the elements are received, delivery will be scheduled. Detailing and accessorizing will complete your beautiful new home. The process should be enjoyable, inclusive and fun. Our vast experience and resources stand ready. Let's get started now it's never too early!

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